child of the corn

    As autumn is at it's full, it was about that time of year to head to a local pumpkin patch and find my perfect pumpkin. I traveled to Johnson Farms over the weekend, which is filled with produce/plants and a pumpkin-picking field. There was even remains of a sunflower field, which had many different colors of the flower and many were still in perfect shape. If you go here, I highly recommend the pumpkin spice doughnuts, they were perfectly doughy and flavorful.

opening autumn's remains

Elmwood Cemetery is somewhere I must go when the leaves begin to change colors during this season. Located in East Kansas City, tucked away off of a main road, there is an eerie feeling to be found (even during the day time). This cemetery is home to many past famous Kansas Cityians, and supposedly unnatural happenings throughout the year.

On a different note, my lipstick color of choice has been shades of purple over the past few weeks. I own a dark purple (which I am wearing here), lavender, a bright violet that I just received from Lime Crime, and a bright pastel shade (a little different from the lavender, more bold). I felt very “Clueless” inspired from the lip color and the leopard print dress. I have been drawing inspiration from that film, regarding fashion, for ages.  

kansas city fashion week (fall, 2014)

   I had the wonderful opportunity of attending Kansas City Fashion Week for their fall showing. The fashions shows were taken place at Union Station, as they were at the last shows during the springtime that I attended as well. The lighting during the afternoon show was beautiful, and were the designer's collections that graced the runway. I also attended the Saturday evening show, which was filled of the Project Runway designers and their personal collections. It was very inspiring to see these talented people showcase their creations in Kansas City, and I hope to see the fashion scene continuing development over the next years.

   I included a small gallery of the two outfits I wore to the fashion shows that I attended this year. Lately, I have been very into neutral tones and low-waisted hemlines, and have been wearing a handful of my black dresses and pretty much disregarding the rest of my wardrobe. I also included a few snaps of pieces from the runway that I loved.